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Polyolefin Membranes

Over the last 15 years the European market has seen a trend towards consolidation in the area of TPO-based waterproofing products.

The technical properties and the environmental advantages offered by these waterproofing sheets have for years been greatly appreciated by designers and installers alike.

With its Scudofine range of TPO products, Italiana membrane is one of the first manufacturers to believe in the possibilities offered by this material and the extent to which it is friendly to the environment.

With the challenges of the future in mind, we have decided to re-organize our product list, dividing the products into categories representing the use for which each is designed.

The new Scudofine range, alongside the more traditional roof waterproofing membranes, Scudofine Roof, now also includes a range of Scudofine Hydro products for hydraulic applications and the Scudofine Sub materials for use in underground conditions.

A wide range of membranes and accessories for specific applications complete a product portfolio which will, we are confident, meet all the requirements of our clients.